You Said What !?!?!

So the other night I got into it with my brother (mind you he’s younger but bigger than me). If it wasn’t for his pregnant wife and my youngest brother, we would’ve had a full on WWE match live in our house. There was yelling on my corner, cursing on his corner, my cousin crying “STOP ! STOP IT !” from the pantry and you know how this whole thing started? One word, shut-up, was all it took for me to set my brother off.

The power of the spoken word is something we all take for granted. It can either bring peace or war, stir up love or anger, give out happiness or sadness. What you say to people really has an effect on their behavior and how they perceive you.

A gentle response defuses anger, but a sharp tongue kindles a temper-fire.(Proverbs 15:1 MSG)

Even the Bible talks about how a tongue can fuel the flame of anyone’s temper. In the book of James, it says the tongue is a killer. Imagine how many rumors you’ve heard about you and how much they affect you. It affects people enough to make them want to post statuses on Facebook or to tweet about it.

You literally have the power in your tongue. It’s up to you how to use your words. Try saying something positive to someone consistently and see the difference it’ll make in their life and in yours.

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2 thoughts on “You Said What !?!?!

  1. I once wrote an essay on how words are the most powerful weapons any man could wield! Before war could be declared, words are often the material that create the speeches into which many a leader uses to put conviction behind their supposed actions of conflict. Regardless of language, ethnicity, or any factor, words are and always will be the truest testament to that of our species rise. Nevertheless, words are also used to inspire and to rejuvenate our purpose in this world. MLK's “I have a dream” continues to mold the American dream today. The many scriptures in the Bible holds words of wisdom and guidance for those who need it. You have used yours to carry out this message which triggered my memory of why I think words are more powerful than scribbles on a piece of paper. In summary, it is not my intention to impose my views or my opinions upon your conviction, however, I have to state that such a powerful message should also regale the use of words in a positive light.

  2. I fully agree with you. I had only highlighted on the negative effects of words in my story with my brother but failed to shed a more positive light on the power of the spoken word. God's Word came to bring life for us to enjoy. You are free to post your thoughts and opinions on here as much as you want just as I am free to write my own thoughts and opinions for all to read according to my discoveries in God's Word. Thank you for bringing the positive factor to my attention 🙂

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