Started Out At Blogger, Now I’m Here

Its been a while since I’ve actually had my own personal blog. I had an account at blogger that I quickly lost interest of only because I got caught up with running a business and other shenanigans. I always purposed to go back to blogging, but it never happened until now.

I recently started teaching media and realized how can I teach about blogging when I’m unfaithful to my own blog.  Since my blogger account is a devotional blog, I decided why not try WordPress and restart my blogging adventure since it uses the same format & design as Edublogs which I’m currently using for my media classes.

It’s nearly 12 AM Sunday and here I am restarting my blogging journey. I’m literally putting into action “there’s no better time than the present” because I should be halfway through my sleeping journey right now so I don’t go on one in church. I guess you could say this is my journal for all the world to read and be inspired or let down by. Thanks for reading and prepare to be amused…or not.

BTW. If you want to view my old blog, here’s the link:

One thought on “Started Out At Blogger, Now I’m Here

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