Believe It or Not

I believe in Jesus. My heart knows without a doubt He is the Son of God who chose to come to earth to live a hard life and end up dying to save the world from death. Because of Jesus, I get to live twice except I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy my second life more than I do this one I’m living now. The idea of something new to happen is so exciting.

I don’t believe in getting to heaven through good works. It’s in the Bible. Don’t believe me? Look it up. This doesn’t mean you don’t do good things. God’s will for every one is to love on others more than you love on yourself.  Love is a good thing.

I believe love conquers all. It doesn’t matter to me what kind of love it is, whether it’s a mother-daughter love or a brother-sister love or a best friend love. God intended love to be powerful. It’s the center for every relationship no matter what kind it is. It can change the hardest heart if it will allow love to penetrate.

I don’t believe love hurts. Love doesn’t hurt any one. It’s the disappointment, anger and feelings of betrayal and getting screwed over that hurts.

I believe technology will eventually take over the world. I’m not a trans-humanist, but I do believe there’s a robotic era that is approaching slowly but surely.

I don’t believe I’ll live to see the robotic era. I’m praying and hoping I don’t live to see it. It’s already ridiculous how much I rely on computers now.


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