This Blood – In Honor of Good Friday

This song by Carman is probably one of my absolute favorite songs about the crucifixion. I couldn’t sit here and not share this song with all of you. It’s a powerful and very anointed song. God gave up so much for the sake of all who do and don’t believe…YET.

I pray you will be blessed by this song as much as I am every time I hear it. If you haven’t experienced the mighty power of the blood of Jesus, I want you to know that His blood was and still is for you.

4 thoughts on “This Blood – In Honor of Good Friday

    • Carman has the best music when it comes to doing creative dances and skits for ministry. God truly blessed this man with an amazing gift that still touches lives even 20 years later =)

  1. Oh thank you for sharing this! I was not familiar with the song, though I remember Carman from “way back”. So moving–thank you, thank you. God bless you so abundantly this Resurrection weekend–Hallelujah, He Lives for and WITH us!

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