Mind Your Mind

Who’s the last person you saw before reading this prompt? Whether it’s a family member, a coworker, or a total stranger, write a post about what that person is thinking right now.

Ever watch the show “Kid’s Say the Darn-est Things”? I can only imagine what goes on in these kids minds. My second grade class just left and I can only imagine the things they’re thinking. Here’s some thoughts from a couple of my more opinionated kids while watching Disney’s “Hercules”.

Princess L: I love the girls who sing. They sing such cool songs. It’s so cold, but I don’t want to ask Miss Sword for her blanket. Oh wait, I think it’s a scarf. *Miss Sword throws the scarf at her* Even better! I didn’t have to ask. Oh so nice & war…Ooh that girl is pretty. *Gives weird face when Meg says her name to Hercules* Her name is Mega-what? What kind of name is that?

MJ Jr.: I wish I had a blanket. I don’t know why the girls always get the blankets. This song though makes me want to dance *starts shimmying*

Smiley: If I was him, I’d punch those boys in the face. “Jerkules”. Haha. That’s funny. I think that’s a good name for ******. *calls out* “_________ your new name is Jerkules

Divalicious: *tells on Smiley to Miss Sword then sulks in her seat* How dare!?! I’m not a boy. That’s a name for a boy. He’s lucky I can’t say anything or Miss Sword is going to stop the movie. I’ll just stick my tongue out at him and give him my evil glare of doom.

Cool Eyes: Man that was fas…Wait! What!?! The monster is growing more heads. That’s so cool. I wonder how he’s going to kill the monster. He keeps cutting off his head then more heads grow out of him. I think…WHAT!?! They’re all gonna eat him now. Whoa! He just came out of the monster’s claws. Oh man he’s…HEY! What happened to the movie? *yells out to Miss Sword why she stopped the movie*


Those Busy Ones

There’s a tug of war in my soul. I want to write, but time won’t allow me. Every time I sit to start the phone rings or my reminders pop up or workloads pile up. By the end of it all, I’m too tired to do anything else except sleep away the days toils that take its toll on my mind and body so I can be rejuvenated for the next day’s tasks.