The Bestest

Asheeeeee is the literal Bee to my Eff. She’s un-BEE-lievably hilarious && I’m EFF-ing crazy. Together we are EFF-ing un-BEE-lievable.

Our term we use for each other is “Bestest” instead of the typical “best friends“. If there’s one friendship that matters most to me, it’s hers. She’s been my go-to girl for the past 6 years when things are good, bad, funny or sucky.

There was this guy I was really into. I introduced him to my family and her family (since we’re so close, our families have become each others families). It got that serious. In the end, he ended up being an *holds tongue* apple. I called her to tell her it was over and she starts laughing at me. I couldn’t help but laugh back and it helped. A LOT. She laughed me through the entire situation and in less than a week I was over it.


If anything, this picture above sums up the story of our friendship. Dancing, smiling and laughing through life together.  That’s what bestests are for. They exist to help you make the “bestest” out of every situation life throws at you. Well, that’s what mine does for me and that’s why she’s my bestest.

Daily Prompt: On Bees and Effs


Daily Prompt: Something So Strong – My Bestest

Tell us the origin story of your best friend. How did you become friends? What is it that keeps your friendship rockin’ after all these years?

 Some best friends are discovered at childhood. Some are discovered while going through rough patches. Some are discovered after fights. Some are discovered when living life and partying. Mine was discovered through another person.

She was dating my first cousin in high school. She was quiet and reserved. Being the social butterfly I am, I would try to strike up conversation every time she came around with my cousin to hang out with us at our family functions (mind you I’m 2 years older than her). We made our first connection while sleeping over at a mutual friends house during graduation season. We talked and laughed all night. That summer of 2008 we were inseparable. It helped that my cousin she was dating had left to basic training so I promised him I would take care of his girl while he was gone. That summer was the beginning of late night cruises, beach days, laughs, memories, tears, good times, bad times and a lifetime of friendship.

2008 until Forever. My Bestest

2008 until Forever. My Bestest

Everyone has used that saying “Distance makes the heart grow fonder”. The reason I believe firmly in this saying is because my best friend and I spent a lot of our time physically a part. We constantly talked and stayed connected and made it a point to make sure we saw each other every year. I have her back and she has mine. No matter how many changes we’ve both experienced in our lives; she is the one person I can always count on that will be there when I need her to be. How does our friendship stay strong? Love. As corny as it may sound, love is the reason we stayed friends despite all the changes we’ve endured. The kind of love a person has for their siblings is the kind of love we’ve developed for each other. No matter where life takes either of us, I will always love her like I love my brothers (because I have no sisters) and she will always be the best of the best, which is why I call her my Bestest.