Mind Your Mind

Who’s the last person you saw before reading this prompt? Whether it’s a family member, a coworker, or a total stranger, write a post about what that person is thinking right now.

Ever watch the show “Kid’s Say the Darn-est Things”? I can only imagine what goes on in these kids minds. My second grade class just left and I can only imagine the things they’re thinking. Here’s some thoughts from a couple of my more opinionated kids while watching Disney’s “Hercules”.

Princess L: I love the girls who sing. They sing such cool songs. It’s so cold, but I don’t want to ask Miss Sword for her blanket. Oh wait, I think it’s a scarf. *Miss Sword throws the scarf at her* Even better! I didn’t have to ask. Oh so nice & war…Ooh that girl is pretty. *Gives weird face when Meg says her name to Hercules* Her name is Mega-what? What kind of name is that?

MJ Jr.: I wish I had a blanket. I don’t know why the girls always get the blankets. This song though makes me want to dance *starts shimmying*

Smiley: If I was him, I’d punch those boys in the face. “Jerkules”. Haha. That’s funny. I think that’s a good name for ******. *calls out* “_________ your new name is Jerkules

Divalicious: *tells on Smiley to Miss Sword then sulks in her seat* How dare!?! I’m not a boy. That’s a name for a boy. He’s lucky I can’t say anything or Miss Sword is going to stop the movie. I’ll just stick my tongue out at him and give him my evil glare of doom.

Cool Eyes: Man that was fas…Wait! What!?! The monster is growing more heads. That’s so cool. I wonder how he’s going to kill the monster. He keeps cutting off his head then more heads grow out of him. I think…WHAT!?! They’re all gonna eat him now. Whoa! He just came out of the monster’s claws. Oh man he’s…HEY! What happened to the movie? *yells out to Miss Sword why she stopped the movie*