Back At It Again


Last post was in November of last year and I can’t believe how hard it is to stay faithful to this thing. I thought I would be able to, but unfortunately time and responsibilities have not been very good advocates. December was an interesting month to say the least. My biggest issue with December was how time so easily escaped me constantly. It’s not that I didn’t have enough of it. Many times it’s because I got consumed with things that should be irrelevant to me. Whenever I got a break from my priorities, I would give into the lure of pleasure as much and as often as I could instead of focusing on things I needed to focus on. Pleasure is dangerous. It’s an addiction in itself which some times drives me to a state of craziness.

Speaking of craziness, 2014 has just started and “craziness” is the best word to describe the first month alone. Before the year even started, I had already envisioned what the beginning of 2014 would be like for me. I had set hopes for certain areas of my life and was ready to start anew. I held a camp for my church, which helped me focus on this new mindset based off of 2 Corinthians 5:17 that I felt I should stabilize in the beginning of the year. The celebration of a new year always brings with it the hope of changing something from the previous year. I forgot about the struggle you have to go through in order to experience this change. Throughout the first month alone, I have experienced several highs and many lows.

I found new interests and started dating again after 3 years of being single. I’m still not sure if this is my smartest move so far. It’s hard adding another ingredient into the mix of my life. I don’t understand everything but I’m open to most things. So far, this year feels like this photo below of the darkness trying to over come the light of the moon, but it still shines on beautifully. My thoughts and hopes for 2014 has been darkened, but there’s still hope for good things to happen. It’s still shining out there somehow. I think I should thank God for the ability to believe in things hoped for and what ever is to come throughout the rest of the year.

Yellow Moon